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Straight Way Ethical Advisory is an advisory group that offers Shari`ah compliance services to financial and commercial entities. Straight Way Ethical Advisory is made up of a team of experts that are geographically dispersed throughout the US, Canada, UK, Emirates and have over 100 years of combined training and experience under the world's leading experts in Islamic ethics and law.


  • Consultation on Shari'ah compliance during product development
  • Design and development of Shari'ah compliance filtering and reporting algorithms and software
  • Recruitment and formation of Shari'ah compliance review panels (i.e. Shari`a Boards)
  • Pre-launch external review and certification
  • Post-launch compliance auditing and remediation
  • Development and delivery of Shari'ah compliance-related training materials and course modules
  • Shari'ah-compliant commercial and financial alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

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