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  • Each entry could carry a link to the respective news site: (see drop down menue and the link will appear in the browser bar for copy and paste)
  • The listed firms shall be marked if they are an Islamic Window rather than a full Islamic financial institution (IFIs)
  • shows also a list of companies under , which should be cross checked by a volunteer for further IFIs


  • I think that eventually, each institution should have its own page, which can include information on total assets, history, as well as a link to the news page as you suggest.
  • I was not sure how much information should be displayed on this page or how the institutions should be organized within each country. For example, in the US, I organized them by type (bank, non-bank financial company, mutual fund).
  • There are likely some cross-border IFIs that will need to be either listed under the country where it is headquartered or listed under every country where it conducts Islamic finance operations.