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We appreciate being contacted by universities, which could support the project. Especially we suggest to undertake student seminars, distribute certain keywords as seminar works among them to submit them online, and the other students shall edit and collaborate on it, contributing further sources and enhancing the encyclopedic standards. Such seminars could be conducted by students of either Finance, Islamic law and linguistics.

Sharia Scholars

To support quality and correctness of the entries, Shariah scholars are highly welcomed to contribute and/or edit content. We make an attempt to contact as many Shariah scholars as possible during the next weeks.

Islamic Economists

There is tremendous work done in the last 30 years about Islamic Economics, still, an easily accessible encyclopedia is missing. It would be outstanding to see it evolving on this platform.


Practionners know about certain structures and business practices. Hence their input is invaluable as a contribution. Islamic Finance WIKI needs you!


Last not least: As Islamic finance is surrounded by numerous legal issues and cross border transaction the participation of lawyers is of utmost importance.