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How to start contributing

  1. First of all, please confirm that you are an industry member, either academic, business professional or Sharia scholar to join the club of editors: Confirm
  2. You will receive manually an invite with password...
    Assuming you have received your invitation by email including your newly created account with username and password:
  3. Log in in the top right corner. (You must be logged in to contribute. At this time only registered users are allowed to contribute to Islamic Finance WIKI.)
  4. Start editing and/or creating new pages in an area you are comfortable writing about.

It's just that easy.

  • You don't need to ask for permission before editing. If you have received an invite from us, you are priviledged to contribute to this Islamic Finance WIKI every time you want to.
  • Red links indicate a wanted page, that does not yet exist and needs content. If you want to write something about this blank term/topic, just follow the red link and start writing.
  • Don't be shy to edit, you can't destroy anything. Every page has his own revision history with the ability to restore everything.

Just start contributing now!

Ideas for where to begin

  • Special:WantedPages - These Pages have to be filled.
  • Special:AllPages - All topics, which exist already and may need corrections/additions (spelling, definition, explanation, (internal) links, sources, citations).
  • Special:ShortPages - Short pages, which may need more detailed content.
  • Advanced users should have a look on our ideas to improve/structure this wiki: Community portal

What is a wiki? What is this all about?

Just in case you don't know: A wiki is a collaboratively edited encyclopedia to which you can contribute. Every page has at the top an "edit" link, which lets you edit the page you are looking at. If you click edit you can change/correct/expand the content of the page - immediately!

More infos about wikis:

Learn how to edit wiki pages

  • If you are unfamiliar with wiki editing, try our Help:Sandbox. Go there and click "edit" at the top of the page. This will open an editing window containing the text for the sandbox-page. Add something fun and interesting or "Hello world!", then click "Save page" and see what you have done!

Detailed Help from wikipedia (Islamic Finance WIKI is using the same system as wikipedia):

Learn how to create pages - Starting new terms/topics

  • Log in (you must be logged in to create pages)
  • Find out if your term/topic already exists:
    • Use the search-box on the left of the page.
    • Click the "Go"-button (not the "search"-button).
  • If your term/topic does not exist, you will see the following message:

>> No page title matches
There is no page titled "(your-search-term)". You can create this page. <<

  • Click the red link "create this page". This will open the new page with an editing window.
    • You can start writing about your term/topic immediately!
  • Save your writing with "Save page" and the new page will be created.

Done. It's as simple as that.
Advanced users should have a look at detailed external help:

Copyright - DO NOT COPY-PASTE!


  • If you have found an interesting article elsewhere, just add an external link to this address.
  • Respect others efforts and contributions. We want unique content.
  • All your contributions are irrevocable agreed to be published under the Creative Commons License and the GFDL.

User Pages - Do some marketing for you

Every registered user has his own personal user page. To edit your own page, log in and then select your username from the very top of any page. Add any information about yourself or your business that you'd like to share with others.

User Talk Pages - Ask other users

Every registered user has a user talk-page where you can leave or receive messages. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask other active users or the admins. Find out who is active with Special:ContributionScores, click on "Talk", write and save your message.

  • Don't forget that these messages may be publicly accessible and anyone can read them.
  • Simply select the "my talk" link from the very top of any page to view messages for you.

Do you have questions? Something unclear?

Just click "discussion" on the top of this page and feel free to ask. Write your concern or problem, click "Save page" ...