State Bank of Pakistan

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State Bank of Pakistan is the Central Bank of Pakistan.

Core Functions

State Bank of Pakistan performs both traditional and developmental functions to achieve macro-economic goals. The main functions and responsibilities of the State Bank include the regulation of liquidity and ensuring the soundness of the Financial System through regulation and supervision, exchange rate management and balance of payments, and development role of the state bank.

Central Board of Directors

  • Syed Salim Raza - Chairman
  • Mr. Salman Siddique - Member
  • Mr. Kamran Y. Mirza - Member
  • Mr. Zaffar A. Khan - Member
  • Mirza Qamar Beg - Member
  • Mr. Asad Umar - Member
  • Mr. Waqar A. Malik - Member
  • Mr. Aftab Mustafa Khan - Corporate Secretary

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